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From Fantasy in Miniature: Check, Please, on playing a certain game with Death.

From Meirav Beale on G+: an epic tale of technology and grandparents. Excerpt: Some in the kingdom thought the cause of the darkness must be the Router. Little was known of the Router, legend told it had been installed behind the recliner long ago by a shadowy organization known as Comcast. Others in the kingdom believed it was brought by a distant cousin many feasts ago. Concluding the trouble must lie deep within the microchips, the people of 276 Fernadale Street did despair and resign themselves to defeat.

From Lilie Dubh on G+: The 5 stupidest habits you develop growing up poor. Thoughtful and well worth the read. (Language is not 100% work-safe.)

From Language Log: What would Jesús do?

Lost your cell phone and don't have another phone to call from handy? Nyan Cat can help. (This came via G+ but I've lost track of who posted it.)

From Law and the Multiverse: Legal responsibility for insane robots.
Thanks for that Language Log link, I hadn't been to LL for ages.