Hey, Dreamwidth folks... I've syndicated Universe Factory, the blog of the Worldbuilding Stack Exchange community, here on DW. We started the blog late in 2015; you can see a complete list of posts, including some from me.

Some specific links:

- Fight Earnestly and Hit Them in the Gaps, two articles from a HEMA (Historic European Martial Arts) student.

- Articles on generating rivers, using cellular automata to generate terrain (yes, like in Game of Life), and using distortion fields to generate continents. I believe the author of this series is our first contributor who found us via Medium instead of via Stack Exchange.

- An article on calculating political power.

- Building a Truly Alien Alien.

- When Am I? Navigation for Time Travelers

That's all in the last two months. Among older articles, you might enjoy:

- Building the World of Pangaea, an interview I did with Michael Burstein ([personal profile] mabfan) about the worldbuilding behind a shared-world anthology he was part of (edited by Michael Jan Friedman). That reminds me: wasn't book 2 supposed to be out around now?

- Nature's Oven, a short story.

- Worldbuilding As You Go: A Case Study, which is about how I approached writing The Sisters' War (Chapter 1, summary of the story so far).

- What if the world was (completely) round?

- My Revelation for RPGs series (link is to the index).

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